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A biologist or technician position is available in the Thoracic and GI Oncology Branch (TGIB), National Cancer Institute, NIH.
Qualified candidates should have a minimum of M.S. and at least two years of experience since obtaining the degree. Training in basic molecular biology techniques and significant cell culture experience is required. Experience with Seahorse XF and metabolomics is advantageous. Other techniques such as mutation detection, gene expression profiling, protein expression, chromatin immunoprecipitation, DNA/RNA-protein interactions cell culture, retroviral and lentiviral transductions, mouse models, microarray analysis, microRNA and non-coding RNA identification, and CRISPR are helpful. The candidate will be responsible for daily operations and coordination of laboratory projects and will work closely with laboratory personnel from other laboratories in the TGIB. Experience with developing a new laboratory is advantageous. A team-based approach and willingness to collaborate is essential.
The project is a new laboratory effort that will focus on the epigenetic and metabolomics of esophageal cancer. Specifically, the efforts will focus on the activation of oncogenes and the silencing of tumor suppressors by environmental stimuli that promote tumor growth and treatment resistance. This work will be closely linked to clinical protocols in esophageal cancer. The laboratory effort will be in close collaboration with the Thoracic Epigenetic Laboratory of David S. Schrump, M.D., which focuses on the epigenetic regulation of thoracic tumors. The laboratory will be an excellent opportunity to help build a new research program with outstanding support of other established CCR laboratories and core facilities in the National Cancer Institute.
Employer Name: R. Taylor Ripley, M.D.
To Apply:
Please submit curriculum vitae, statement of career goals, and three references with names with email addresses


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